How To Create a Self-Care Morning Routine

I’m the last person to give advice on getting up early…

Typically, I’m rushing out the door like a crazed maniac, my coat half on and half off, with a water canteen in one hand and my gargantuan tote bag on the other arm. I end up huffing and puffing like a sad big bad wolf and vowing to wake up earlier from here on out.

If this sounds like you, you understand my dilemma. Mornings can be horrendous! They can knock you in the stomach before you have even had a single sip of coffee.

This is where self-care morning routines comes into play. My favorite part of having a self-care morning routine is that they are truly all about you and what you need.

The concept is quite simple:

You create a short list of tasks that focus completely on your own self-care to complete every morning and you intentionally set aside the time for these tasks. Easy peasy.

If you are willing to give it a shot, I promise that you’ll love the  benefits of having morning rituals. Just starting your morning with self-care and mindfulness can set the tone for an incredible day.

Truth time:

You will have to wake up a little bit earlier. I know…that is easier said than done. Believe me, I know.  It may be a challenge at first if you are a mindless zombie first thing in the morning like I am.

The thing is, you will actually want to start waking up a little earlier once you have something to look forward to.

One of my tricks that has helped me wake up earlier was to have an accountability partner. I ask a friend or relative to call me or physically wake me up. For me, I’m more willing to wake up when someone is expecting me to.

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to take the plunge into practicing self-care with a morning routine, take out a sheet of paper or notepad on your phone. Think of 3-5 things you can do in your mornings that focuses completely on your own self-care.

What matters to you most? Is there something that you could do just for you before the rest of your house wakes up? Close your eyes and visualize that one thing that could help alleviate stress, worry, and anxiety.

I have a few suggestions if you are in need of some ideas for your own morning routine. These are some things that work for me and make my mornings more bearable.

8 Ways to Create a Self-Care Morning Routine

1. Hydrate like the Goddess or God that you are…seriously, drink some water first thing when you wake up. I try to drink at least 8oz of water before I even get out of bed. I fill up my water canteen the night before and leave it on my nightstand.

2. Listen to an episode of your favorite podcast, an audiobook, or a few of your favorite songs. Create a playlist on Spotify specifically for your morning rituals with upbeat music to get you in an awesome mood for your day.

I also enjoy listening to audiobooks while I’m getting ready. The current audiobook I am have been devouring is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. It’s like having your big sister or bff giving you the best pep talk in the world.

3. Snuggle with your significant other or your pet. Don’t think about your to-do lists. Don’t look at your phone. Just be present for a little while and enjoy the closeness of your loved one.

4. Stretch or do some yoga/pilates if that is your thing. Sometimes I just stretch my hands to the ceiling and touch my toes in the morning. It can be as simple or complex as you like.

5. Write a morning page or journal for a few minutes. It doesn’t have to be anything profound or thought provoking. Just something to set the intention and tone for your day. I like to jot down a few positive phrases or a gratitude list in my journal before I start planning my day with to-do lists and schedules. I use a hardcover notebook to journal.

6. Smell with your favorite scented candle or put some energizing oils in your diffuser. My favorite diffuser is the Jasmine by Stadler Form. I use it nearly every single day especially during my morning routine. I love to put lemon eucalyptus or orange oils in the diffuser first thing in the morning while my coffee percolates.

7. Savor a cup of coffee or tea and sit with your thoughts for a few minutes. I’m super guilty of scrolling Insta or watching pointless videos on YouTube while I’m trying to wake up. Sometimes it’s better for our mental health if we stave off our technology use and just enjoy the taste of your favorite beverage.

8. Read and enjoy the quiet of the early morning. This is my ultimate favorite thing to do in the morning. I love love love to read for about 30 minutes when I’m waking up or read on my morning commute if I’m riding with my carpool. I never make time to read during the day and I’m always too tired to read before bed. It’s nice to have a little quiet time to read before my day starts and the craziness begins.

Let’s chit chat in the comments! What does your self-care morning routine look like?


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