5 Reason Why Introverts Are Pretty Awesome

It might sound quite odd to hear that I am a Theatre teacher who also happens to be an introvert.

Most people assume that all Theatre teachers are outspoken drama queens decked out in lots of glitter and feather boas. That is simply not the case for me and many others out there.

I have actually struggled for a long time to find my groove as a teacher with introverted tendencies. There have been times where I had to retreat to a quiet spot at the end of the day just because my social battery was completely tapped out.

It has been very easy for me to see my introversion as a disadvantage or weakness, especially in a field filled with so many successful educators who are most definitely extroverted. I enjoy seeing so many teachers out there in this diverse world doing their own thing without a care or worry, but I have never been able to shake that tendency to compare myself to others.

If you are introverted like me, you definitely understand how easy it is to allow imposter syndrome to creep in when you see your extroverted counterparts. That is the reason why I wanted to focus on some of the reasons why introverts are pretty awesome people…once you get to know us.

1. We are the best listeners

Introverts tend to be some of the best listeners when you need someone just to listen. Many introverts listen deeply and process what you are saying rather than just waiting for their turn to talk in the conversation. Introverts also understand how vulnerable one can feel when opening up, so they take the task of listening very seriously.

2. We tend to be creative

Introverts are often creatives who think outside the box. Introverted creatives aren’t worried about what others think or what is trendy at the time. Because we are usually quite introspective, we develop a strong sense of what we like in terms of aesthetics and taste. As a Theatre teacher, I have found some of my most talented designers and technicians in my introverted creatives.

3. We are detail oriented

Many introverts take their time to ruminate and think deeply before making any big decisions. Because of this tendency to be deep thinkers, we are often hyper-aware of all of the details involved in any projects or endeavor. Introverts are able to produce high quality and extremely detailed work in their field of work. While focusing on all of the details, introverts are also able to come up with unique ideas and perspectives that you might have otherwise missed.

4. We are loyal friends & partners

Introverts may only have a small group of friends, but they truly value deep connection in their relationships. If an introvert lets you into their world, it’s really big deal to them. As an introvert, I value quality relationships and connections over quantity.

5. We are mindful of others

I have found that my fellow introverts are more mindful and respectful of my boundaries. I think most introverts value their space and privacy, so they tend to be more mindful of others who might need the same things. Many of us don’t want to inconvenience or trouble others, so we definitely think twice before asking for help or assistance.

I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Are you an introvert? What is your favorite thing about being introverted?


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  1. Trish
    September 16, 2020 / 3:06 am

    I’m an introvert too. Thanks for sharing.

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