I’m Jacque Collom. By day, I teach & direct high school students as a Theatre Arts director. By night, I’m a hot glue gun loving and multi-passionate creator.

When I’m not directing a musical or building set pieces using cardboard, I love to draw, paint, digital design, bake, and crochet. Honestly, I’m all about anything crafty or messy (or both). 2020 is going to be the year that I finally tackle sewing and take my skills up a notch!

My idea of bliss is to sit on my porch with a cup of coffee and let the sun warm my face in the morning. In complete juxtaposition, I can stay up until way past the witching hour working on a massive project that has come to life and taken over my entire kitchen.

What really lights me up as a writer is to focus on all the ingredients needed to create happiness and fulfillment as a creative being. I’m obsessed with mindfulness, living with intention, kindness, gratitude, and self-care. I also really love gummy bears & Mister Rogers quotes!

Hope you will stay a while and come back to visit again soon!